FoundationOne assay could support treatment decisions
July 2015
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Foundation Medicine Inc. recently presented new data regarding FoundationOne, its comprehensive genomic profiling assay, which revealed that the assay identified a high frequency of clinically relevant genomic alterations in pediatric gliomas. Comprehensive genomic profiling was performed on tumor samples from 75 pediatric patients, and 89 percent of cases were found to have at least one clinically relevant genomic alteration.
“There are few things as devastating to childhood as brain cancer,” said Dr. Vincent Miller, Foundation Medicine's chief medical officer. “In addition to the symptoms of the disease, the treatment options can be incredibly harsh on a child's developing body, making it that much more important to select therapies with the best therapeutic index. As this study demonstrates, comprehensive genomic profiling can serve a key role in the oncologic care of these children, providing the potential to identify opportunities for the optimal matching of treatment to disease severity.”

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