Crown Bio expands NRCMM partnership
April 2015
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SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Crown Bioscience Inc. has struck a new partnership agreement with the National Resource Center for Mutant Mice (NRCMM) and its commercial branch Nanjing Biotech Innovation Corp., or NBIC. This expanded strategic partnership will focus on building and validating new experimental immuno-oncology cancer models, along with other models, such as for diabetes and inflammation diseases. The companies announced a research collaboration in the first half of 2014 to develop new cancer models to advance translational research and cancer treatment.
“Working together with a world-leading translational oncology service provider, such as Crown, the combined expertise of Crown in oncology and our GEMM [genetically engineered mouse models] can certainly offer great GEMM-based oncology platforms to our partners in China and around the world. We are certainly excited about this opportunity,” said Dr. Jay Liu, deputy director of NRCMM and CEO of NBIC.

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