myPath Melanoma test found to be highly accurate
April 2015
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SALT LAKE CITY—Data from a pivotal clinical validation study of Myriad Genetics Inc.’s myPath Melanoma test appeared in the Journal of Cutaneous Pathology in early March, reporting that the test is highly effective at determining benign skin moles from malignant melanoma with greater than 90-percent accuracy. The test was developed using a verification cohort of 464 patient samples and validated in an independent study with 437 patient samples.
“Conventional methods of differentiating benign moles from melanoma are effective for many cases, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. About 15 percent of cases are difficult or impossible to diagnose using standard tools … myPath Melanoma is a powerful new molecular diagnostic test that analyzes genetic information inside skin cells to help us understand the biology of a patient’s skin lesion and objectively differentiate benign moles from potentially lethal melanoma,” said Dr. Loren Clarke, Myriad’s medical director for dermatology.

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