CGEN-15049 results presented at Keystone Symposia
March 2015
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TEL AVIV—The head of Compugen Ltd.’s immunology group, Dr. Arthur Machlenkin, recently presented new experimental results for CGEN-15049, a novel immune checkpoint protein discovered by Compugen as a potential cancer immunotherapy target. The data demonstrate expression of this protein on tumors isolated from ovarian cancer patients, both on the cancer cells themselves and on immune cells in the tumor, as well as expression of CGEN-15049 on a population of tumor-infiltrating immune cells in mouse models. The data also support the ability of this protein to affect key components of the immune system known to play a role in anti-tumor immune responses. The studies that provided those data examined the protein’s expression on cells isolated from primary tumors of ovarian cancer patients. CGEN-15049 has been shown to be expressed on a number of cancers, including ovarian, lung, breast, colorectal, gastric, prostate and liver cancers.

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