Compugen, Johns Hopkins launch research collaboration
February 2015
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TEL AVIV—Compugen Ltd. is stretching its muscles in immuno-oncology with the announcement of a multiyear research collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to further evaluate selected novel B7/CD28-like immune checkpoint candidates discovered by Compugen as potential cancer treatments. The partners will explore both the candidates’ differentiation profiles and their potential as monotherapies or combination therapies, with Prof. Drew Pardoll and Dr. Charles Drake of Johns Hopkins leading the work.
“Immunotherapy is dramatically changing the landscape for cancer treatment, but current therapies appear to address only a small percentage of patients,” Drake commented. “It is widely believed that the availability of monoclonal antibody drugs addressing additional checkpoint targets will significantly broaden the applicability of this breakthrough approach. Therefore, the large number of novel checkpoint candidates discovered to date by Compugen represents a potential major contribution to this rapidly growing field.”

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