NeoStem licenses Rockefeller University patents
November 2014
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NEW YORK—NeoStem Inc. and The Rockefeller University have begun an exclusive license agreement for patented technologies that expand NeoStem’s IP portfolio for its Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy Program. The patents that NeoStem has licensed are titled “Methods for use of Apoptotic Cells to Deliver Antigen to Dendritic Cells for Induction or Tolerization of T Cells,” with Matthew Albert, Nina Bhardwaj, Ralph M. Steinman, Kayo Inaba and Robert Darnell credited as inventors.
“By licensing these patents that relate to NeoStem’s DC/TC (dendritic cell/tumor cell) technology ... NeoStem continues to look proactively for opportunities to expand and defend its technology platform as we simultaneously plan to initiate our Phase 3 Intus clinical study that will investigate our DC/TC technology in metastatic melanoma this year,” said Dr. Andrew L. Pecora, chief visionary officer at NeoStem.

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