Nuvilex prepped to begin pancreatic cancer studies
August 2014
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SILVER SPRING, Md.—Biotechnology company Nuvilex Inc. has completed all preparations for beginning preclinical studies of its pancreatic cancer treatment in slowing down the accumulation of ascites fluid in the abdomen. Translational Drug Development LLC will conduct the study, with Austrianova Singapore to provide the live cells and the cancer prodrug ifosfamide for Nuvilex’s treatment, which combines its Cell-in-a-Box live-cell encapsulation technology with ifosfamide. Ascites fluid is generally linked to the development of advanced pancreatic and other abdominal cancers, and its accumulation is a chronic condition common to those with solid abdomen tumors and requires periodic removal. Additionally, because ascites fluid accumulates due to metastatic abdominal cancer, the fluid itself can contain cancerous cells, leading to further spread of the disease throughout the abdomen.

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