OXiGENE releases preclinical results at 2014 AACR meeting
May 2014
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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—OXiGENE, Inc. has announced results from a trio of preclinical studies from its ongoing research and development programs, one of which was OXi4503, a dual-action vascular disrupting agent. OXi4503 was administered to a preclinical model of breast cancer with a stereotactic radiation schedule plus mild temperature hyperthermia. The study showed OXi4503 potentiated the radiation’s effects and might have potential as a radiosensitizing agent. Another study investigated the anti-tumor activity and pharmacokinetics of KGP94, a small-molecule cathepsin L inhibitor, in models of breast and squamous cell head and neck cancer, demonstrating that the compound significantly delays tumor growth. The third study looked at the anti-metastatic and anti-bone resorptive activity of KGP94 in a preclinical model of prostate cancer and found that small-molecule cathepsin L targeting could significantly reduce metastatic dissemination of prostate cancer cells and impair bone resorption.

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