Definiens to sponsor clinical validation of Immunoscore
May 2014
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MUNICH, Germany—Definiens has struck an agreement with INSERM Transfert to sponsor the worldwide consortium to validate the Immunoscore, a new approach to cancer therapy, which will be validated by immunologists and pathologists in 15 countries. The work will be performed by an international team led by the Society of Immunotherapy of Cancer, in partnership with the European Academy of Tumor Immunology, the Cancer and Inflammation Program, the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health and La Fondazione Melanoma. Previous work has revealed that the number, type and location of tumor- infiltrating lymphocytes in primary tumors can be useful in prognosis, and clinical data demonstrate that patients with a strong Immunoscore have a better prognosis and that immune response might be a better indication of recurrence risk than tumor staining.

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