OncoCyte launches clinical development of bladder cancer Dx
March 2014
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ALAMEDA, Calif.—OncoCyte Corp. has begun clinical development of its PanC-Dx bladder cancer diagnostic test in the United States and China. OncoCyte has established a fee-for- service agreement with contract research organization China Medicine Inc. in order to perform the clinical testing in China. The studies will test the diagnostic in urothelial carcinoma, and in some cases, existing diagnostic strategies will be compared with OncoCyte’s proprietary markers, with a statistical analysis of those and additional results performed to determine the overall performance of the PanC-Dx markers. The studies are expected to be complete late this year.
“There is a large and growing need for more sensitive, cost-effective and less invasive methods to detect and monitor cancer in humans, particularly in bladder cancer,” said OncoCyte CEO Dr. Joseph Wagner.

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