Genomic Health to license Almac technology, IP
January 2014
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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—Genomic Health Inc. and Almac Group Ltd. have established a licensing agreement under which Genomic Health will gain an exclusive license to Almac Group’s technology and intellectual property. Genomic Health will use that access to continue to develop, validate and commercialize a multi-gene test to determine the benefit of DNA damage-based chemotherapy drugs, such as anthracycline-based regimens, in treating breast cancer. While such regimens are common in treating breast cancer, they come with toxicities that can have significant effects on quality of life. Per the agreement, Genomic Health will select a study cohort to validate Almac’s previously identified and published genes. The company made an upfront payment to Almac of $9 million, with the potential for additional milestone payments if clinical and commercial goals are met. Should the test make it to market successfully, Almac Group also stands to receive royalties.

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