GIS, Sengenics announce cancer detection deal
July 2013

SINGAPOREóThe Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research and Sengenics have kicked off a cancer biomarker discovery partnership in hopes of identifying and validating auto-antibodies that could be used to detect early-stage cancers. The partnership will leverage the proprietary proteomics microarray platform of Oxford Gene Technology, Sengenics' strategic partner, which enables researchers to identify auto-antibody interactions in the blood before cancer reaches an advanced state. In conjunction with this initiative, which will initially focus on gastric and breast cancers, Sengenics will establish its research biomarker discovery facility at GIS in 2013.  
"Our end-goal is to transfer the biomarker signatures identified specific to Singaporean genetic profiles onto a low-cost prognostic test. We envisage to complete the first phase of the project within 12 months," said Johan Poole-Johnson, Sengenics' commercial director.

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