Cancer Genetics, Nikon Instruments ink FISH probes distribution pact
June 2013

RUTHERFORD, N.J.óCancer Genetics Italia SRL, the wholly owned subsidiary of Cancer Genetics Inc. (CGI), and Nikon Instruments SPA have established an agreement to distribute oncology-focused DNA probes for FISH in the Italian market, though it is expected that the partnership will expand to include other Western European countries. The agreement allows for the combination of Nikon's microscopes and imaging software systems with CGI Italia DNA-FISH Probes for a full solution that offers more efficient identification of genetic abnormalities and enables the performance of simultaneous multicolor FISH testing with complex image analysis. Raju Chaganti, professor at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and founder of CGI, said the agreement "is a great opportunity for both companies, and it advances the cause of personalized cancer management."  

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