Myriad announces commercial agreement with RainDance Technologies
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SALT LAKE CITY—Myriad Genetics and Lexington, Mass.-based RainDance Technologies, a company that specializes in digital biology with droplet-based technology, have announced the establishment of a new commercial agreement. Under this deal, Myriad will adopt RainDance's ThunderStorm Target Enrichment System for Myriad's next-generation sequencing-based Hereditary Cancer Panel (HCP) test. In conjunction with the commercial agreement, the two companies have also signed a multi-year supply agreement under which RainDance will provide Myriad with ThunderStorm systems, reagents, gene panels and consumables.  
"Myriad's selection of our ThunderStorm System for their HCP test, one of the most significant commercial opportunities in their product portfolio, validates our product differentiation and innovative technology with one of the most exacting clinical sequencing customers in the world," Roopom Banerjee, president and CEO of RainDance, said in a press release. "The Myriad relationship builds on our proven track record with more than 70 major genetic and translational research labs worldwide. With our proprietary platform, Myriad is establishing a new industry standard for next-generation sequencing of cancer and inherited disease."
The ThunderStorm system from RainDance uses a proprietary single-molecule droplet technology for sequence enrichment, which provides users with the ability to target up to 20,000 regions of the genome with any commercially available next-generation sequencing platforms. Myriad is seeking to integrate RainDance's technology into its own next-generation HCP test, which can be used to assess highly significant genes that are known to play pivotal roles in inherited cancer risk.
"We are excited to announce this strategic relationship with RainDance Technologies as it marks an important milestone in our preparation for the future launch of our next-generation HCP test," Mark Capone, president of Myriad Genetics Laboratories, commented in a statement. "The ThunderStorm System offers Myriad unparalleled genomic coverage, the ability to detect large gene rearrangements, workflow benefits and a favorable cost profile, all of which have been critical in overcoming the challenges associated with creating content-rich next-generation sequencing gene panels suitable for a high-throughput commercial laboratory."  
The agreement comes just under a month after Myriad announced a commercial partnership with PharmaMar, a leading developer of marine-derived drugs. Per the agreement, Myriad will conduct homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) testing on patients enrolled in PharmaMar's Phase II clinical study of PM1183, a drug candidate that causes double-stranded DNA breaks that lead to apoptosis, or cell death. The partners hope that by examining HRD status in patients treated with PM1183 in the study, they will be able to learn more about the connection between HRD status and PM1183 response. No financial details for the agreement were disclosed.  
SOURCE: Myriad press release
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