BioChain licenses Septin9 marker from Epigenomics
April 2013

BERLIN—BioChain has licensed Epigenomics' methylated Septin9 marker for blood-based detection of colorectal cancer, and as a result, BioChain will now offer a Septin9 assay as a new service through its independent reference laboratory in Beijing. No financial terms regarding the licensing agreement were released.  
"We are pleased that BioChain has decided to collaborate with us in making a methylated Septin9 assay available in mainland China. This allows more convenient alternatives for [colorectal cancer] screening to become available in this emerging market, where prevalence of [colorectal cancer] in the population is on the raise and growing awareness is creating a need for early detection," said Dr. Thomas Taapken, chief financial officer and acting CEO of Epigenomics, in a press release regarding the deal.

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