TPP Global, Sprint Biosciences in cancer therapeutics deal
December 2012

EDINBURGH, Scotland—Late October saw TPP Global Development Ltd. entering into a collaboration agreement with Sprint Biosciences AB to develop small-molecule inhibitors of choline kinase as human therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. Sprint Bioscience's choline kinase inhibitor program is built on evidence indicating that increased choline kinase activity is required by cancer cells to generate the cell membrane phospholipid component phosphatidylcholine, and that the enzyme's activity is involved in cell transformation.
Financial terms of the collaboration were not disclosed.
"We are delighted to have entered into this agreement to work with Sprint Bioscience, and look forward to utilizing their expertise in fragment-based drug discovery and development. Choline Kinase is an exciting metabolic target and fits well within the rest of TPP's cancer metabolism portfolio," said Tom Brown, TPP's CEO, in a statement.

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