Eutropics awarded NCI contract for leukemia diagnostic
November 2012

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.óEutropics Pharmaceuticals has signed a contract with the National Cancer Institute through the Small Business Initiative Research program to develop its proprietary BH3 profiling diagnostic assay for personalized medicine use in patients with acute myelogenous leukemia. The assay supplies a biomarker/diagnostic to help guide treatment decisions for therapies in multiple cancer indications by providing a functional understanding of cancer cells that indicates whether or not they will respond to certain treatments. The assay is also being evaluated as a companion test for certain therapies currently in development.   
"There is a very good likelihood that this BH3 profiling technology will provide an important guiding tool for treating AML," said Dr. Michael Andreeff, chief of Molecular Hematology at MD Anderson Cancer Center and scientific advisor to Eutropics.

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