VLST secures Pfizer monoclonal antibody license
October 2012

NEW YORK—Pfizer Inc. has out-licensed an early-stage cancer monoclonal antibody to Seattle-based VLST Corp. The agonist, CP-870,893, is an anti-CD40 monoclonal antibody. The compound has undergone evaluation in preclinical and clinical trials to determine its safety profile, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamic parameters and maximum tolerated dose. Per the agreement, Pfizer will retain co-exclusive rights to CP-870,893 in the oncology vaccine field and will take a 5 percent stake in VLST. VLST is intending to move the compound forward into oncology efficacy studies.
"VLST's expertise in immunotherapy makes the company a strong partner to continue the development of this compound and potentially deliver a new therapy to patients with cancer," Garry Nicholson, head of Pfizer Oncology, said in a press release regarding the agreement.

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