Silence, MiReven ink tumor collaboration
October 2012

LONDON—Silence Therapeutics PLC and MiReven Pty. Ltd. have signed an agreement to assess the delivery potential of Silence's proprietary delivery systems when combined with MiReven's microRNA-based therapeutics. Per the agreement, Silence will develop a miR-7 mimetic with its proprietary AtuPLEX, DACC and DBTC delivery systems to evaluate miR-7 in several cancer models. Silence will perform in- vitro and in-vivo studies of the formulated miR-7, and will receive an undisclosed fee.
"MiReven's founding scientists have developed a compelling body of preclinical data supporting the potential of miR-7 to suppress tumor growth, particularly in the many cancers known to be controlled by the EGF receptor signaling pathway, including glioblastoma. MiReven is currently testing drug-like versions of miR-7 in key models of human cancer," Stephen Thompson of MiReven said in a press release.

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