Cobra inks agreement with Algeta ASA
October 2012

OSLO, Norway—Algeta ASA and Cobra Biologics Ltd have inked a contract manufacturing partnership agreement for Algeta's fourth Targeted Thorium Conjugate (TTC) program, which will focus on developing an undisclosed monoclonal antibody that is highly selective for a cell surface target on hematological cancer cells. Per the agreement, Cobra will provide cell line development through its maxXpress service, GMP cell banking, analytical and process development, scale-up, toxicology and GMP production. Cobra's maxXpress service combines the UCOE protein-expression technology with its cell line development team and the Cello robotic clone selection system for rapid clone selection and production of the monoclonal antibody.
"Algeta's contract forms part of a very successful year where we are seeing significant expansion in our antibody contract manufacturing as customers see the advantages Cobra's comprehensive services provide," said Peter Coleman, CEO of Cobra Biologics.

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