Life Technologies to partner with Bristol-Myers Squibb for companion diagnostics development
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CARLSBAD, Calif.óLife Technologies Corp. has announced its entrance into a master development agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. for current and future companion diagnostics projects. This deal marks the second collaboration between the two companies and represents what Life Technologies calls "another step in [the company's] strategy to develop its diagnostic business through internal development, partnerships and select acquisitions"  
The agreement reportedly covers an initial project for oncology and provides for a long-term partnership across a potentially broad range of Life Technologies instrument platforms and a wide range of therapeutic areas.  
"The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly turning its focus to discovering and delivering targeted, personalized medications," said Ronnie Andrews, president of medical sciences at Life Technologies. "As more and more targeted drugs come onto the market in the next decade, there will be a growing need for diagnostics that can help predict which patients will benefit from which drugs.  
Life Technologies possesses a breadth of platforms that can be leveraged in the development of new diagnostics. These platforms span both genetic and proteomic analysis, including next-generation sequencing, Sanger sequencing, qPCR, flow cytometry and immuno-histochemistry. In addition, the company recently announced that its Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) would be developed for proteomics capabilities.  
"For oncology alone, hundreds of agents are currently in clinical trials, and we see strong market opportunity in the robust expansion this will mean for the companion diagnostics space," said Andrews.  "Life is uniquely positioned to provide pharma a flexible, cost effective means to manage the evolution of the companion diagnostic assay through the drug development process."

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