Licensing agreement formed by PDI, Polymedco
August 2012

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan—A new commercial licensing agreement has been announced between Phenomenome Discoveries Inc. (PDI) and Polymedco Cancer Diagnostic Products LLC (Polymedco) which grants Polymedco rights to commercialize PDI's diagnostic blood test for the assessment of an individual's risk of colorectal cancer. PDI has discovered that roughly nine out of 10 patients with colorectal cancer are deficient in novel anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory metabolites, and has developed a blood test assayed by triple quad mass spectrometry that can detect such deficiencies. In a recent clinical trial, the test detected over 85 percent of cases of early-stage colorectal cancer. Financial details were not disclosed. Dr. Dayan Goodenowe, president and CEO of PDI, noted in a press release that the companies had jointly submitted an application for U.S. Food and Drug Administration premarket review.  

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