Taconic to partner with Oncodesign on oncology imaging
December 2011

HUDSON, N.Y.óTaconic and Oncodesign recently announced an agreement for the co-development and co-promotion of preclinical oncology in-vivo solutions. The agreement provides a combined portfolio that includes Oncodesign's Chi Mice, state-of-the-art preclinical models grafted with patient-derived xenografts and a human immune system, and Taconic's genetically modified models of oncology and the DuPont OncoMouse, which provides access to sophisticated spontaneous tumor models. The two companies will provide imaging technologies as well as in-vivo and in-vitro pharmacology research services. They will also combine their expertise in the use of immunodeficient mouse models and co-develop novel applications of Taconic's CIEA NOG mouse. Financial details were not disclosed. Dr. Paul Rounding, senior vice president of translational models and solutions for Taconic, said the agreement results in "a single source for a wide-range of translational disease-specific models and services in oncology."

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