Agilent, Ambry Genetics announce SureSelect agreement
December 2011

SANTA CLARA, Calif.óAgilent Technologies Inc. and Ambry Genetics, a genetics services provider based in Aliso Viejo, Calif., recently signed an agreement under which Ambry Genetics will use Agilent's SureSelect Target Enrichment System for exome sequencing services. The SureSelect portfolio offers a complete and customizable target enrichment platform, which is fully flexible and is capable of enriching targets of interest from less than 20 Kb to more than 100 Mb using eArray, a free online design tool. No financial details were disclosed.
Ardy Arianpour, vice president of business development at Ambry Genetics, noted, "With Agilent's SureSelect, Ambry Genetics is offering whole-exome capture services for cancer markers, drug response and Mendelian disease gene discovery. Ambry's exome sequencing services deliver state-of-the-art bioinformatics which include variant filtering, annotation and interpretation of candidate mutations."

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