Silicon, Fox Chase unite in technology agreement
November 2011

SAN DIEGO—Silicon Biosystems Inc., a provider of molecular and cellular biology technology with headquarters in Bologna, Italy, announced in September an agreement with Fox Chase Cancer Center for Silicon's DEPArray technology. The DEPArray is a cell microarray that implements Silicon's patented technology for individual cell manipulation and detection, according to the company 's website, and the base is a microelectronic active silicon substrate that embeds control circuitry to address individual dielectrophoretic (DEP) cages. Dr. Massimo Cristofanilli, professor and chairman of the Department of Medical Oncology at Fox Chase, said in a press release that "this innovative approach may allow us to identify and measure specific biomarkers with the potential for therapeutic targeting and monitoring of CTCs increasing our capability to impact patients' quality of life and survival." Financial details were not disclosed.

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