Neogenix, Cambridge Biomedical team up on diagnostics
August 2011

ROCKVILLE, Md.óNeogenix Oncology Inc. and Cambridge Biomedical Inc. recently announced the signing of an agreement for the development of Neogenix's pancreatic and colorectal cancer diagnostic serum ELISA assays. Neogenix has developed tumor-specific biomarkers to aid in the detection of pancreatic and colorectal cancer in both tissue and serum, and the ELISA assay utilizes Neogenix's patent-protected therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (NEO-101, NEO-201, NEO-301). The assays will be companion product for the Neogenix anticancer mAb therapeutic pipeline. Cambridge Biomedical brings with it expertise in assay optimization and validation, within an FDA- recognized laboratory with CLIA certification as well as CAP accreditation. Dr. Philip Arlen, CEO and president of Neogenix, said the companies are excited about the partnership and noted that Cambridge Biomedical has "a highly experienced and fully integrated team in both assay development and diagnostic services."

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