Epistem and Xcelris Labs partner on TB diagnostics
August 2011

LONDON—Epistem PLC and Xcelris Laboratories announced last month that the companies will collaborate on diagnostics for tuberculosis (TB).  
Epistem is a biotechnology company commercializing epithelial stem cells in the areas of oncology, gastrointestinal and dermatological diseases. Epistem also develops therapeutics, biomarkers and diagnostics and provides contract research services to drug development companies.  
Xcelris, one of India's leading genomics research and diagnostic testing companies, has expertise in next-generation sequencing technology and novel diagnostic molecular diagnostic techniques. Xcelris offers genomics and bioinformatics services to more than 150 major research institutions and companies in India and abroad and participates in collaborative research with various bodies.  
Under their agreement, Epistem and Xcelris will evaluate Epistem's Genedrive molecular device as part of India's Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme, which started in 1997 and since 2006 has covered the whole of India to ensure the rapid diagnosis and treatment of TB sufferers.  
Genedrive enables a major advance in molecular diagnostic testing by providing a rapid, low-cost, simple-to-use device with high sensitivity and specificity. Genedrive will be targeted at identifying TB infection at an early stage, and given its size and capabilities, lends itself to use in remote locations. Positioned as a handheld consumable device, Genedrive brings a new "point-of-need" approach to diagnostic testing across a broad spectrum of infectious diseases such as TB, dengue and sexually transmitted diseases, according to Epistem.  

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