U.K. consortium to develop platform for stratified medicine research
August 2011

GUILDFORD, U.K.—The Technology Strategy Board, the United Kingdom's national innovation agency, has chosen a consortium led by data management provider IDBS to develop an information platform that will support stratified and translational medicine research and cross-organizational collaboration. The Tumour Profiling and Data Capture consortium is made up of IDBS, hosting firm Quantix Ltd. and leading cancer centers at King's Health Partners and Manchester Academic Health Science Centre. The "Acropolis" (Advanced Collaborative Research for Oncology Platform for Improved Outcomes, Learnings, Insight and Science) platform will offer the necessary infrastructure to support stratified medicine research and collaboration, including data handling, storage, retrieval and analysis services that will attain and pseudonymize data from different sources. The combination of information in one site will allow multiple organizations to study patient populations and gain better understanding of genetic drivers in cancer.

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