Horizon gains X-MAN cell lines license from YCU
August 2011

CAMBRIDGE, England—Horizon Discovery recently announced the acquisition of a worldwide license for 50 new X-MAN (gene X- Mutant and Normal) cell lines from Public University Corporation Yokohama City University (YCU). The panel of cell lines is in the NALM-6 cell line, a B cell-derived line, and contains several double-knockout cell lines. Under the agreement, YCU will receive upfront and ongoing royalty payments, and in turn, Horizon will gain worldwide exclusive rights to distribute the new lines. The agreement is part of Horizon 's efforts to produce at least 2,500 new X-MAN models of cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease. Dr. Rob Howes, principal scientist at Horizon, said in a press release that the panel of cell lines, "will allow researchers to understand the mechanisms of DNA repair and how they are involved in the development of leukemia."

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