PCF prostate cancer research awards total $4.2 million
July 2011

SANTA MONICA, Calif.óThe Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) recently announced the funding of 14 new Creativity Awards for advanced prostate cancer research. The funding covers two years and serve to support novel research ideas that demonstrate potential in the field of prostate cancer, in terms of diagnosis and treatment. The research areas run the gamut from the development of nanoenabled therapeutics for those whose disease has metastasized to biomarkers that can lead to earlier detection and more precise treatment. In the past, 70 percent of similar PCF awards have advanced to attract additional funding, both from PCF and from other sources. Dr. Howard Soule, executive vice president and chief science officer for PCF, said in a statement that the awards "fortify our pipeline of compelling ideas to cultivate new solutions for the prostate cancer problem."

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