New collaboration to focus on the ABCs of ETBs
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GEORGETOWN, Texas—Molecular Templates, Inc. and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have entered into a research collaboration focused on evaluating and developing Molecular Templates' proprietary technology for the targeted delivery of RNAi therapies. Molecular Templates' main focus is the discovery and development of a class of small biologic therapies known as Engineered Toxin Bodies (ETB). Financial details regarding the collaboration were not released.  
ETBs are part of a class of therapies that have evolved from a toxin scaffold and have been engineered to display a unique targeting domain as well as reduced immunogenicity. They retain the pharmacokinetics, mechanism-of-action, abilitiy to induce internalization and intracellular self-routing capabilities to the parent scaffold, and their properties allow them to target cell surface or intracellular targets.
Molecular Templates is engaged in the development of ETBs across a range of disease areas such as cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases. Eric Poma, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Molecular Templates, says ETBs "represent a new class of targeted biologics that possess active intracellular properties that uniquely positions us to address delivery of RNAi drugs in a target directed manner."
"We look forward to working closely with Alnylam, the leader in the RNAi space, to capitalize on some of the unique capabilities of our ETB platform," says Poma.
SOURCE: Molecular Templates, Inc. press release
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