Making headway
May 2020

MINNEAPOLIS—In a recent update from Predictive Oncology Inc., the company announced that its subsidiary Helomics has made progress on CancerQuest 2020, its goal of developing an AI-driven predictive model of ovarian cancer. The hope is to generate a model that could predict both drug response and outcome, based on data from more than 150,000 tumor cases collected over more than 15 years of clinical testing on living patient tumors.
“In a true team effort across the company, we have made solid progress on our CCQ2020 milestones this quarter; we ramped up our sequencing effort as part of our UPMC-Magee collaboration; initiated further digitization of our histopathology slide collection; renewed our collaboration with Genomics England 100,000 genomes project and completed development of our AI model build framework so we can train millions of potential models at scale using cloud resources,” indicated Dr. Mark Collins, Helomics' chief innovation officer.

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