OB-002 shrinks tumors, bone metastases
January 2020

OTTAWA, Ontario—Orion Biotechnology Canada Ltd. has reported that in a mouse model of breast cancer, OB-002 significantly reduced bone metastasis. Mice that received 20mg/kg saw significantly reduced primary tumor volume, and those that received 80mg/kg also saw a noticeable reduction in spinal bone metastasis.
Dr. Ian McGowan, Orion’s chief medical officer, commented in part that “Unfortunately, bone is the most common site of metastatic breast cancer (Ording AG et al., Clin Exp Metastasis 2017), and approximately 70 percent of women dying from breast cancer have bone metastases (Awolaran O et al., Breast 2016). Clearly, any product that has the potential to reduce breast cancer-associated bone metastasis would be a major advance in the field.”

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