Cancer collaborations
November 2019

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Kintai Therapeutics, a Flagship Pioneering company, has been busy in the latter half of 2019, establishing a number of partnerships centered on discovering molecules that are pivotal to microbe-to-human communication in cancer. A key focus for Kintai is how the gut microbiome can impact patient response to cancer treatment. Among its most recent partners are the Moffitt Cancer Center, Rhode Island Hospital and the University of Cambridge.
Dr. Paul Peter Tak, president and CEO of Kintai, said in part that “Our philosophy at Kintai is that medical breakthroughs are most likely to occur through a collation of leading minds across the biomedical ecosystem. We have attracted top talent to work at Kintai, and now we are augmenting our datasets by working with premier academic institutions. We are employing this collaboration strategy in several disease indications beyond cancer.”

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