A pair against pancreatic cancer
October 2019

HATFIELD, Pa. & CLEVELAND—A partnership is moving forward between Genisphere LLC and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center for the study and development of unique strategies for treating pancreatic cancer. Per the agreement, the partners will optimize 3DNA-based therapeutics formulated with pancreatic tumor-targeting molecules on Genisphere’s 3DNA nanocarrier, which will include projects such as small molecules and siRNA.
Genisphere’s chief science officer, Bob Getts, said in part that, “We are eager to take the next step from prior data generated together, to investigate alternative strategies for pancreatic cancer treatment. Dr. Winter [chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology at UH Cleveland Medical Center] has strong rationale and evidence for disrupting multiple points along the same biological pathway using different therapeutic molecules, and Genisphere has a wide breath of success adapting the 3DNA platform to various modalities: bispecifics, siRNA, small drugs.”

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