Next-generation grant
July 2019

LEUVEN, Belgium—Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship presented a project grant of nearly €1 million to Oncurious NV in mid-June, one that will support additional preclinical development of Oncurious' next-generation cancer immunotherapies in collaboration with VIB Discovery Services. Specific details were not disclosed, but Oncurious announced that the grant would aid in identifying multispecific biologics with distinct modes of action against immunomodulatory targets, biologics that would then be evaluated in tumor models as monotherapies and in combination with standard-of-care therapies.
Dr. Patrik De Haes, executive chairman of Oncurious, remarked "We are delighted by the potential of our pipeline of next-generation immunotherapies, and this project grant will provide us with funding to generate and select the most appropriate candidates to take further into preclinical development. We believe that the development of our immunotherapy pipeline, will in time, be an important source of value for Oncurious' shareholders."

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