Preclinical support for SRA737
January 2019

CAMBRIDGE, U.K.—Sierra Oncology has shared new preclinical data supporting SRA737 as a monotherapy in ovarian cancer, Sareum Holdings plc announced recently. Sierra Oncology holds the license to Sareum’s SRA737, a novel Chk1 inhibitor. The data showed that SRA737’s inhibition of Chk1 demonstrates encouraging efficacy in CCNE1-amplified and MYCN overexpressing preclinical models of high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC). In-vivo data support the ongoing monotherapy trial of SRA737, and preclinical data imply that it could be beneficial to explore combination regimens for HGSOC.
Dr. Tim Mitchell, Sareum’s CEO, said in part that “The data presented today continue to provide evidence that SRA737 has potential in ovarian cancer where the tumors exhibit defective cell cycle checkpoint control and replicative stress, and which is identifiable by genetic markers. This represents a significant proportion of HGSOC patients, who currently have few treatment options.”

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