Jounce shares immunotherapy program results at SITC
December 2018

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer’s (SITC) 2018 meeting, held this November, saw Jounce Therapeutics Inc. share reverse translational and biomarker data from its ICONIC (ICOS AgONist Antibody for Immunotherapy in Cancer Patients) trial of JTX-2011, as well as preclinical data for its ICOS (Inducible T cell CO-Stimulator) program.
“The data presented at SITC’s 33rd Annual Meeting demonstrate the role of JTX-2011 in the emergence and agonism of ICOS hi CD4 T effector cells and provide further evidence in support of the biological and clinical activity of JTX-2011. The regimens we are advancing, including ongoing combinations with ipilimumab, are grounded in these important scientific findings,” said Dr. Elizabeth Trehu, Jounce’s chief medical officer. “New insights from our Translational Science Platform continue to inform JTX-2011 clinical development. We believe our science-based approach is necessary to develop new immunotherapies to benefit cancer patients.”

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