Preclinical update for Bio-Path
December 2017

HOUSTON—Biotechnology company Bio-Path Holdings Inc. has selected its third drug candidate, BP1003, for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. The compound in question targets the Stat3 protein, and preclinical models have shown it can successfully penetrate pancreatic tumors and significantly enhance the efficacy of standard frontline treatments. BP1003 is in preclinical development in a pancreatic patient-derived tumor model, and the company plans to start IND-enabling studies next year. Bio-Path also reported recently that BP1002, its second drug candidate, has shown promising anti-non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma activity in cell lines and an animal model; and prexigebersen was found in preclinical models to effectively penetrate ovarian tumors and has shown clinical benefit as a monotherapy and as part of a combination regimen.

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