Agreement alterations
September 2017

LEUVEN, Belgium & LUND, Sweden—ThromboGenics NV has announced, along with BioInvent International AB, that the companies have amended their existing agreement for the co-development of novel anti-P1GF monoclonal antibody products TB-403 and THR-317. The original agreement split the economic value of the compounds 60-40 (ThromboGenics; BioInvent), with a 50-50 split of costs. Under the new amendments, BioInvent will be project lead for developing TB-403 in all oncology indications, and will have a 50-percent share of the economic value. Costs for developing the compound in oncology indications will remain at a 50-50 split. For THR-317, ThromboGenics will gain full, exclusive ownership of THR-317 for development and commercialization in all non-oncology indications and continue to carry all costs to develop THR-317 in non-oncology indications. The company will share a 5-percent economic value with BioInvent.

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