ASCO data positive for CMB305, G100
September 2017

SEATTLE & SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—This year’s ASCO meeting saw Immune Design share new clinical and biomarker data from its CMB305 and G100 monotherapy studies supporting its lead product candidates and discovery platforms. CMB305 was developed using ZVex, a discovery platform that produces compounds that create cytotoxic T cells in vivo. CMB305’s vector carries RNA for the tumor antigen NY-ESO-1. G100 was developed using the GLAAS (GLA Adjuvant Systems) platform, which is based on Glucopyranosyl Lipid A, a synthetic small molecule that selectively binds to the TLR4 receptor and causes potent activation of dendritic cells (which present antigens on the surface of cells for T cells to lock onto). The data shared at ASCO supported both approaches, with an increase in intratumoral inflammatory cytokines/chemokines, T cell infiltration and clonal tumor infiltrating lymphocytes seen in patients receiving G100, and anti-NY-ESO-1 immune responses seen in more than half of patients receiving CMB305.

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