Looking at a longer partnership
July 2017

OSLO, Norway & MARLBOROUGH, Mass.—PCI Biotech and RXi Pharmaceuticals have announced the extension of their preclinical research collaboration, which originally began in April 2015, into immuno-oncology. The extension is supported by a new preclinical research collaboration that will assess technology compatibility and synergy based on in-vivo study. After evaluating the results from this collaboration, PCI and RXi will look at the potential for additional partnering activities.
“Our collaboration with PCI Biotech over the last two years has been mutually very beneficial for our Companies,” said Dr. Geert Cauwenbergh, president and CEO of RXi. “We will learn how the PCI technology can even further enhance the time and the concentration our sd-rxRNA compounds can reside and be active in the immune cells. In the immuno-oncology space, where everybody talks about potency and safety of combinations, this continued and more focused collaboration could advance this therapeutic area significantly.”

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