PD-L1 test shows utility as non-invasive option
July 2017

SAN DIEGO—A team of scientists from Epic Sciences, Yale University, the University of Southern California and UC San Diego recently shared work that demonstrated that the presence of PD- L1 protein on circulating cells from patients newly diagnosed with lung cancer forecasts poor survival when they are treated with standard-of-care therapeutics not including PD-1 inhibitors. Epic Sciences’ novel PD-L1 blood test was used on 112 patients recently diagnosed with lung cancer, who were then followed for up to four years. The results showed that PD-L1 being expressed in blood samples was associated with worse overall survival.
“This study presents the largest examination to date towards demonstrating clinical utility of a non-invasive PD-L1 blood test for advanced lung cancer,” said Ryan Dittamore, vice president of translational research and clinical affairs, Epic Sciences, and co-author on the study. “We are rapidly accelerating our clinical development of the PD-L1 blood test and other immune-oncology liquid biopsy tests to meet this important medical need.”

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