Instillo, leon-nanodrugs link up for generic oncology product
March 2017

UBERHERRN, Germany—Instillo GmbH and leon- nanodrugs GmbH have joined forces to produce a generic oncology product using leon-nanodrugs’ proprietary nanotechnology platform MicroJet Reactor (MJR). The product in question will be manufactured at URSAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH in Saarbrücken, Germany. More than 60 percent of pharmaceutical APIs are estimated to be poorly soluble in water, but leon-nanodrugs’ MJR technology offers reformulation options to improve solubility and increase bioavailability, reduce inter-patient variability and improve onset of action. No financial details for the partnership were released.
“The vision of leon-nanodrugs is to be recognized as a global leader in nanotechnology-formulated pharmaceuticals through contract services and co-development partnerships. Through the unique attributes of our MicroJet Reactor Technology, our goal is to generate added value to both established molecules and novel NCEs,” said. Dr. Theron E. Odlaug, CEO of leon-nanodrugs and its U.S. subsidiary.

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