Affimer molecules display efficacy, tolerability in vivo
November 2016

WETHERBY & CAMBRIDGE, U.K.—The third quarter of 2016 saw Avacta Group plc announce positive results from its first in-vivo preclinical studies of Affimer molecules. So far, two parallel studies have been completed—a pharmacokinetics study assessing human and mouse PD-L1 Affimer inhibitors engineered as Fc fusions, and an efficacy study of a mouse PD-L1-specific Affimer molecule in a syngeneic tumor model. The studies showed that Affimer molecules have good in-vivo serum half-lives, are well tolerated with no adverse effects observed and have encouraging bioavailability and functionality in tumors in vivo.
“From the initial screening process for the Affimer binders, we have been able to rapidly progress to evaluating them in in-vivo models, highlighting another major advantage of the technology. We are very encouraged by these initial positive results and will continue to focus on developing both our internal and partnered therapeutic programs towards clinical validation,” said Alastair Smith, Avacta Group chief executive.

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