A faster path to breast cancer treatments?
November 2016

LONDON—A Cancer Research UK-funded study has found a new method of testing cancer drugs that could reduce the time needed to find potential breast cancer treatments and offer a more accurate testing approach. The study consisted of growing human tumor cells in mice before removing the cells for testing. These cells better mimic how cancer grows in a body compared to the current standard of growing cancer cells on plastic dishes and then implanting them in mice to carry out tests.
“Traditionally, we’ve grown cells on plastic dishes but this is artificial because cells in the body grow in a more complicated way. In the future, this new technique, and others like it, will replace the methods used in the lab today. We’re making all our data publically available so that other researchers around the world can use and benefit from our work, and we’ll continue to improve it,” said lead author Prof. Carlos Caldas of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute at the University of Cambridge.

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