A longer relationship
September 2016

HOUSTON—Pharmaceutical company Moleculin Biotech Inc. recently expanded and extended its sponsored research agreement with MD Anderson Cancer Center, which will now extend through August 2017. Moleculin currently has two preclinical small-molecule portfolios: one targeting tumor metabolism, and one focused on modulating hard-to-target tumor cell signaling mechanisms and recruiting a patient’s own immune system to battle tumors.
“The research we have sponsored to date at MD Anderson has generated some very promising new technologies, including WP1066, a novel small molecule that is an effective stimulator of patients’ natural immune response and inducer of tumor cell death in the in-vivo models of even the most difficult-to-treat cancers,” said Moleculin’s chairman and CEO, Walter Klemp. “We are now extending and expanding this agreement in light of new indications that we may be able to improve upon the WP1066 technology significantly.”

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