Preclinical in-vitro, in-vivo data shared on Innate Pharma antibody
June 2016

MARSEILLE, France—The recent 2016 American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting saw Innate Pharma SA present new preclinical data validating its first-in-class anti-MICA/B antibody IPH4301. IPH4301 is a humanized antibody, and the presentation detailed that it binds with high affinity to MICA/B and is a potent cytotoxic antibody that induces direct tumor cell killing by ADCC. An additional mode of action, in that IPH4301 has the potential to overcome immunosuppression in tumors, was also revealed. IPH4301 was capable of overcoming immunosuppression by macrophages in vitro, restoring NK cell antibody-mediated killing to levels seen in the absence of suppressor macrophages, and also blocked MICA/B-induced down-modulation of NKG2D receptors on NK and CD8 T cells. Innate Pharma also reported that treatment with IPH4301 restored NK cell infiltration, prevented tumor growth and improved survival in different in-vivo tumor models.

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