Sprouty2 tagged in colorectal cancer metastasis
February 2016


COLUMBIA, Mo.—Sprouty2, a gene known to suppress the growth and spread of many types of cancer, has been found to have the opposite effect in some forms of colorectal cancer, report researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. The team, led by Dr. Sharad Khare, associate professor of research in the MU School of Medicine’s Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology and lead author of the study, found that Sprouty2, which is known to block molecular circuits to prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading, might actually increase the metastatic ability of colorectal cancer cells.
“This finding is a very significant step in our understanding of metastasis in colorectal cancer, but it’s important to note that we believe this phenomenon may occur in only a subset of colorectal cancer patients. We don’t yet know why this is the case, but we hope to determine if there is a correlation between the up-regulation of this gene and the life expectancy of patients with colorectal cancer,” said Khare.

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