Epigenomics reports high sensitivity for biomarker panel
January 2016

BERLIN & GERMANTOWN, Md.—The recent Association for Molecular Pathology 2015 Annual Meeting saw Epigenomics AG sharing promising data from a study applying a proprietary panel of blood-based DNA methylation biomarkers for the detection of lung cancer. The panel, which includes the SHOX2, FOXL2 and PTGER4 genes, was compared with two proteins commonly cited as lung cancer biomarkers, with levels of DNA methylation analyzed in two independent case- control sets of plasma samples. The samples used featured all major histological types as well as a broad range of lung cancer stages. Epigenomics' panel demonstrated a sensitivity of 95 percent and a specificity of 64 percent in detecting lung cancer, supporting its use as a confirmatory test for positively tested patients in a low-dose spiral computed tomography screening.

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